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Chung-Hsin Electric & Machinery Mfg. Corp.

Chung-Hsin Electric & Machinery Mfg. Corp. is a manufacturer of electric generators and Fuel Cell headquartered in Taoyuan, Taiwan.
Methanol Reformed Fuel Cell(RMFC) is methanol reformer and Fuel Cell power generation unit as one package and has succeeded in "space-saving" and "high-output power ".
For this reason, RMFC is suitable for "long-term" back-up power in case of emergency, such as in the telecom tower and the railway industry.
Over 3,000 units have already been installed worldwide, and they have been used as back-up power sources for more than 72 hours in case of emergency.

Chung-Hsin Electric & Machinery Mfg. Corp.

Company Overview

Headquartered Address Taoyuan City, Taiwan
Established 1956
Representative Yi-Fu Chiang
About Businesses Develop and manufacture generators and Fuel Cell
Number of employees 1992
Manufacturing bases Chinese Taiwan
Stock listing Listed TWSE 1513
Net sales NT$12,717million (Approx. 47 billion yen)

Product Line-up

Reformed Methanol Fuel Cell

Methanol is used as fuel for power generation.
It is mainly used as a back-up power source for portable base stations, and is used as a back-up power source for radio equipment of NHK's weather cameras, DoCoMo shops, and Yokohama Waterworks Bureau, as well as radio equipment of Keikyu Electric Railway.
The output power range is 4.5kW to 25kW.


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